It’s unfortunate that it took transitioning to really understand how women are treated as second-class citizens — and that this treatment is something that also confirms my womanhood.

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I’d seen sadness before. A few times in my life I had seen adult men, downtrodden when their favorite football team took a bad beat, but this, this was different. And only coming out could release the dam of grief inside.

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The surprise result of transitioning was that I suddenly became memorable to… everyone.

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Hearing people call you by your new name feels like floating, it’s an amazing feeling. The first time someone calls you by your old name when they know your new name however, that feels like a punch in the gut.

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Two years ago today my path forked, and my life changed forever

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I found myself a long time ago. I’ve known myself since I was young; I just kept putting her somewhere safe — while others tried to bury her.

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I was willing to change my gender before I was willing to say the word “Fuck.”

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The Power of Privilege, and the Eye-Opening Effects of Losing it in One Fell Swoop

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Nia Chiaramonte

People Loving, Margin Building, Post-Vangelical, Trans Woman. Learn more about Nia at @finding.nia on Instagram.

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