My Chinese Child Got Bullied Today

As a transgender woman, married to a woman, with a Chinese child who is disabled, literally everything is at stake in the current election.

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My Chinese child got bullied on the playground today. Honestly I’m surprised it has taken this long. We’re days away from President Donald Trump’s bid for re-election as President of the United States and this is the first time it’s happened. I guess it takes longer for hateful rhetoric to make its way down from the top of our country into the minds and hearts of 8-year-olds. For that I am thankful. I am thankful my son hasn’t dealt with what he dealt with today for the last 4 years. I’m glad that until now, no one has come up to him and told him his place of origin is evil, that China purposely afflicted the United States with a novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. I’m glad he hasn’t had to hear what President Donald Trump has been saying for the last 4 years. Pointing fingers at China for many things, most recently transferring blame for a global pandemic onto a group of people, one of whom is my son.

For many, politics is something to wax poetically about, opinions flowing freely from the mouths of individuals, with little understanding of how their opinions and their vote affect anyone other than themselves. For others, the results of the last election and of this upcoming election have been and will be very tangible. It has and will affect us greatly.

And yes, It’s important that our government has sound policies. It’s important that we understand what a policy or proposed policy does to the budget of a federal government that is already overspent. It’s important to have theoretical disagreements and debates about such things. And it’s important that we value life and liberty. It’s also important that we value people over policies and understand how a policy affects all of us. We must understand that we’re only as strong as the quality of life and the freedoms enjoyed by those who have the least of these things. It’s important that we lift up our fellow humans. Not just in the United States, but around the globe. The last 4 years of “America First” has translated to “A Few Americans First,” and the rhetoric-turned-hate-speech from the president that some people are more important than others, a belief that he backs up with his actions, was never more evident than today on the playground.

As a transgender woman, married to a woman, with a Chinese child who is disabled, literally everything is at stake. My job, our home, our marriage, and our family’s quality of life and freedom.

I urge those of you who typically vote on one side of the political aisle in order to protect life, to hear me. Understand that my life isn’t being protected. The life of my son isn’t being protected. Many of us who are already born aren’t being protected, and in fact the current president is creating space where harming the marginalized, emotionally and physically, is acceptable.

It seems like religion is at the core of this. Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness (and guns) all mixed up with God. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’ve been in the machine of religion for too long. But as someone who grew up in the uber politicized church of the 80s and 90s, it feels similar, if not like a more voracious form of “protect our religious freedoms.” To that I respond with something I was taught to think before acting while growing up religious in the 90s. Yes it was a marketing ploy, but I think it’s a valid question to ask yourself as you vote this year. What Would Jesus Do?

If it’s a question you care to ask yourself (and I totally get it if you’re not down with Jesus or religion), then it should be plain to see the answer. Time and time again, Jesus helped the marginalized, he spoke out for others, he created systems that helped the “least of these.”

So this year, when you vote, think about my child.

On the playground. Being bullied by another child because of where he comes from. And understand how that is directly attributed to our current president. Vote not just for yourself, but for your fellow United States of Americans.

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Nia is a Human Resources Director and transgender woman living in Des Moines, IA with her wife and 5 children. Learn more about her at

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